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Privacy Policy


Last updated: August 2023

Computer Information Station, Inc. (“CIS”) provides professional information technology managed services (“Services”) for technology-dependent companies.  This privacy policy (this “Policy”) explains how we handle all information that is provided to us either through our website or, as applicable, in the course of our provision of Services to you.  

In this Policy, the terms “we”, “us” or “our” mean Computer Information Station, Inc., a California corporation.  Any references to “you” or “your” means you, the person who provides us with information through our website. 


Your Information & Your Data


What Type of Information Do We Collect?

Your Information.  The information we collect is restricted to (i) information collected through the specific fields of any dialog box that appears on or is accessed through our website, and (ii) any information you specifically provide to us in any email, inquiry, order form, or other Service-related communication (collectively, “Your Information”).  Your Information may also include logs of transactions involving your account, location data (indicating the location of logins to your account), and similar account-related data that we may use in our provision of the Services, and/or in our maintenance of your account (if applicable) with us. 


As a managed service provider, we generally do not request or collect any data other than Your Information.


What Do We Do With Your Information?

Your Information.  Your Information is stored in our system for the purpose of responding to your inquiries, and if applicable, administering and maintaining your account with us.  If you are or become a customer of CIS, then we may share a portion of Your Information with third parties as necessary for payment processing purposes.  Other than as stated in this Policy, we do not use Your Information for any other purpose unless you expressly permit us to do so in writing.    


Your Data.  We provide Services to help you run your business; however, CIS does not restrict, edit, or determine the type of information or data that you acquire, maintain, process, store, retrieve, or otherwise utilize in your day-to-day business operations (“Your Data”). You alone determine the type, scope, and frequency of Your Data, and you alone determine the purpose for which (i) you obtained or collected Your Data, and (ii) how you will utilize the Services in conjunction with Your Data and your ongoing business operations.  


Depending on the Service being provided, Your Data may be stored and accessible to us on cloud-based servers, or it may be stored and accessible to us on servers or other backup appliances located at your designated premises.  Regardless of where the data is located, however, we do not view, access, retrieve or otherwise use any of Your Data unless such use is explicitly and specifically required as part of the Services.  For example:


  • If Your Data is on your screen at the time that we log in to your local workstation to troubleshoot a problem, then Your Data would be viewable to our technicians; however, Your Data would not be used or disseminated by us for any purpose. 

  • If you specifically request that we view or analyze Your Data, then we would do so (if such activity is provided under the Services), but only to the extent necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.

  • On very rare occasions, a portion of Your Data may be accessible to us or incidentally viewed by us as part of the general maintenance of our systems; however, even under those circumstances, our technicians do not intentionally view Your Data and do not use Your Data for any purposes other than as necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you.


Deletion of Information

Your Information.  After the last communication we have with you or upon the termination of your business relationship with us (whichever is later), we may store Your Information for a short period (usually 1 year or less), and then permanently dispose of Your Information in accordance with our then-current information retention policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may keep your name and contact information for a longer period of time for archival purposes only.


Your Data.  No later than sixty (60) days after the last communication we have with you or the date on which our business relationship with you is terminated (whichever is later), Your Data will be permanently and irretrievably eliminated from servers in our custody or control.  Although the precise timing of such activity will be handled in accordance with our then-current information retention policy, under no circumstances will we have any obligation to maintain Your Data for more than fifteen (15) days following the date on which the Services are terminated unless we expressly agree otherwise in writing.  


Who Else May Receive Your Information?

In addition to the disclosures described elsewhere in this Policy, we may disclose Your Information and/or Your Data if required to do so by law, or if we believe, in good faith, that such action is necessary to:

  • comply with the law or with legal process; 

  • protect and defend our rights or property; 

  • protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Services; or,

  • protect the personal safety or property of our other users or the public.  Among other things, this means that if you provide false information or attempt to pose as someone else, information about you may be disclosed as part of any investigation into your actions.

Also, in the event that all or substantially all of our assets are acquired or transferred, Your Information and Your Data may be among the transferred assets.  




To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of Your Information and Your Data, we utilize physical, technical, and administrative procedures to safeguard the information in our possession or control.  This includes the use of firewalls and restricted access methods, and we limit access to those persons that have a specific business purpose for accessing the information described in this Policy.  Our employees are made aware of their responsibilities to protect the security and integrity of all information in our custody and to access such information only on a need-to-know basis.

If we become aware of any data breach that results in unlawful or unauthorized access, loss, or disclosure of Your Information or Your Data, we will notify you in accordance with applicable law.




This section of the Policy describes the types of cookies that may be implemented on our website and how may use the information collected by cookies.  


What’s a Cookie?


Cookies are small bits of computer code (such as pixels, web beacons, gifs, and similar technologies) that are stored in specific locations on your computer or mobile device.  Websites can read cookies and, depending on the type of cookie being used, retrieve limited information about the people visiting those sites.   For example, a website may use a cookie to remember your user preferences, which would allow that site to quickly provide you with information or services that you previously requested. Cookies may also be used to ensure that you are viewing the most updated version of a website.  

Cookies do not store personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, or telephone number) and cannot, by themselves, personally identify you. Cookies cannot access a device’s hard drive or memory settings, and virtually all modern web browsers allow users to control the use of cookies.

What Type of Cookies Do We Use?

Performance / Analytic Cookies.  Our website uses performance cookies (which are also known as “analytic cookies”).  These cookies collect information about your use of this website and help us evaluate and improve the way it works.  For example, we may use performance cookies to determine which areas of the website you visited the most, or to determine if you received any error messages while at the site.  Performance cookies also provide us with statistical and analytical information about our website, such as total page visits, bounce rates, technologies used to access our website, and page load speeds.  We may also use performance cookies to gather data that helps with load balancing, which helps ensure that our website remains operational.

Functional Cookies.  These cookies are used to remember choices that you make while visiting our website and may provide you with more enhanced or personalized features at the site. Some functional cookies are “session only,” meaning they will exist for only as long as your browser remains open.  We may use session-only cookies to remember selections or choices you made at the website during a single visit, such as whether you viewed a video or content multiple times during a single session.  Other functional cookies are “persistent,” meaning they will last from one visit to another unless they expire or are deleted from your computer or mobile device.  We may use functional cookies to help us remember your login information, language preferences, or whether we displayed specific content on our website in any of your previous visits.

How Do We Use the Information Collected by Cookies?

As described above, we only use cookies for the limited purpose of evaluating the delivery, use, and functionality of our website; no other uses are made of any cookie-based information.


How Can You Control Cookies?

Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but provide controls that allow you to block or delete them. For example, in Google Chrome you can block or delete cookies as desired by selecting Settings>Privacy and Security>Cookies and other site data.  In Microsoft Edge, you can block or delete cookies by selecting Settings > Privacy and Services> Clear Browsing data > Cookies and other site data. In Apple Safari, you can block or delete cookies as desired by Preferences > Privacy.  If you use a different browser than Chrome, Edge, or Safari, you should refer to that browser’s instructions.

Please note, certain features of our website may depend on the use of cookies.  If you choose to block or delete cookies, those features may not be available or function correctly.


Changes to this Policy

To accommodate changes in the law and in our industry, we may modify this Policy from time to time.  Changes to this Policy may be made by us at any time and will be effective after the changes are posted to this Policy.  If we make any material changes to this Policy (i.e., changes that are materially different from the procedures described in this Policy) and, under those circumstances, if you are a customer of CIS, then we will alert you to those changes by email.




It is our intention to help our clients comply with all privacy rules and regulations with which they must comply. If you are a customer of CIS, then we strongly advise you to notify us of any particular privacy regulations that may be applicable to your business.


Contact for Privacy Issues

If you have any questions about this Policy or how any information is used by us, please direct your questions to our designated contact for privacy-related issues by email at

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