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Time is money for Lawyers and Service Professionals. Any little hiccup with technology is costly for the business and their customers.


CIS specializes in helping law firms and professional services companies leverage the hardware and software they use every day and ensure the systems are up and running – all the time.

Legal Case Study

Case Study

The Law Offices of Glaspy & Glaspy, Inc. is a prominent litigation firm headquartered in Walnut Creek, California. Glaspy & Glaspy is well recognized nationally in the areas of products liability, complex tort and construction defect litigation. Glaspy & Glaspy attorneys have served as national, regional, and trial counsel for numerous clients and have tried over 50 asbestos cases to verdict in more than 20 states.

Glaspy & Glaspy’s local office network was down. Some of the computers could not print to the network printer and other computers were running slowly. They needed to ensure their telecommunications systems were working, their computers were performing optimally, and that the network throughput was optimized.

CIS answered the call and brought in our IT specialists to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. Once we resolved the immediate technology problems, we ensured Glaspy & Glaspy had a good system of backups to prevent loss of data. CIS provided technical support on demand and were responsive to their needs. When our partner Glaspy & Glaspy called, CIS answered!

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Working for attorneys is stressful. There are a lot of moving parts and time is money. Dana and her team set up a network and server environment that gave us the ability to message each other and communicate more efficiently, at a time when local networks were just emerging. They also secured our data and our client’s data that helped us maintain confidentiality. CIS was always quick to respond to our requests for support, and they made our lives less stressful. We became a more efficient and cohesive team due to working with CIS.

Patricia Turner

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