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What’s top of mind for you right now? You want to grow and scale your business. To do that, you need to cut costs, win more projects, shorten the time it takes to get paid for the job, and outperform the competition. This requires a lot of coordination, and how well you leverage technology determines if you succeed or fail.


Large companies have large budgets, sophisticated software, and huge teams to put it all together. We are on a mission to enable smaller contractors to pull up to the table with the bigs, and to help them every step of the way on their growth journey.

Construction Case Study

Case Study

Harris Hoisting is a Woman-Owned, Minority business that provides professional hoisting and lift services for large vertical construction projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. With safety as a foundation, they aim to exceed expectations on projects that benefit the local community by hiring local residents and veterans.

Harris Hoisting had one computer in their warehouse and another in their business office. Some of their data was stored on each of the computers. They needed to harden their infrastructure and cybersecurity to meet compliance requirements. They needed to facilitate onboarding, train new staff, and enable their growing team to achieve maximum productivity. Harris Hoisting needed a digital transformation.

CIS met with the Harris Hoisting team to better understand their operations and goals. Together, we crafted a roadmap that addressed their concerns and satisfied their need to lean into technology to improve operations and scale their business. We started by performing a complete hardware refresh by leveraging our partnerships with Dell and HP to get Harris Hoisting the best value with their new computer systems. We created a custom configuration for their organization to facilitate future equipment deployments.

Next, we created a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow data management system and migrated all their data to the cloud using the M365 software they already owned. The services we manage for Harris Hoisting include cybersecurity endpoint protection, incident response, business continuity/disaster recovery, system management, password management, email protection and encryption, software integration, training, and technical support.

Harris Hoisting is now operating more efficiently because they’ve chosen to adopt technology as a team player. Harris Hoisting entrusts its IT management to CIS. We run the IT; they run their business!


We have a great relationship with CIS. Their availability, service and guidance has had a tremendous effect on building a long-lasting relationship. CIS is part of our team, helping us by integrating the various software tools we use and making the technology more cohesive.

We wll definitely continue to work with CIS!

Nicole Burgess

Construction/Contractors Testimonial

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