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Plans, specifications, drawings. Oh my!


You produce data and lots of it. You need systems to support your design needs, crunch data, and store and manage that data. You need security to protect your and your clients’ data. You need to be able to respond quickly to requests for proposals, change orders, and the like.


How do you ensure you have enough technology but don’t overspend? How do you get the maximum ROI on your technology spend and leverage it to help you grow your business? How do you manage costs and still get the support you need – especially if you’ve experienced being passed over by some managed service providers because your company is small?

Architecture Case Study

Case Study

Cirius Engineering is a minority-owned, small/emerging business using BIM tools and techniques to design/engineer electrical systems. They are small but mighty – experts in electrical designs, field observations and system studies, lightning protection design and risk assessments, power systems, and more.


Cirius Engineering had lots of data in multiple locations – on a laptop and an external hard drive. They were using the external hard drive for local backup, but it was reaching capacity. Cirius Engineering needed someone they could trust to help them manage their practice by leveraging technology.


CIS fully assessed the office computer and how Cirius Engineering managed data. We designed an online data repository using software Cirius Engineering already owned (M365), resolved the hardware issues with the office computer, and brought a suite of tools online for Cirius Engineering that allowed them to design and deliver their solutions to their growing list of customers, confident that nobody is hacking their computers are that they can restore data if it is accidentally deleted.


Cirius Engineering is winning bids and growing because they’ve chosen to adopt technology as a team player. Cirius Engineering entrusts its IT management to CIS. We run the IT; they run their business!

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Cirius Engineering, L.L.C. is pleased to be doing business with (CIS) Computer Information Station, Inc., because of their prompt attention to needs and implementation of protocols as well as securing our network.


CIS allows us to stay competitive and confident in assuring our clients have the best secured network when handling their information. We can stay competitive by having a reliable and up-to- date system that lowers our overhead costs, which we transfer to our clients.

Earl Faust

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